Internship Program


We can customize your program for the length of time you will be staying. The interns will be hosted by Knowing Him Ministry and Mission Palabra de Vida churches.”


Spanish Language and Cultural Classes:

Our classes are taught in a Christian Academy, by professional teachers. The Director will communicate with the student in advance to see what level of Spanish the student needs. The intern can select how many hours a week for study.


Pricing: $10.00 per/hr

Ministry Opportunities:


  • Music Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Youth Ministry

  • Young Adult Ministry (18-30)
  • Bible School
  • Women’s or Men’s Ministry

  • Sound / Audio / Visual
  • Evangelism
  • Knowing Him Ministry

All of our ministry opportunities include hand’s on ministry time. We will design your internship program to specifically full fill your ministry goals. Knowing Him Ministry with Pastors Lee and Lauren Saalfeld oversee 9 churches in Ecuador. Your internship will be home based in Cuenca, Ecuador. Your time in Ecuador will include ministry opportunities to travel to the Amazon jungle, and the coast of Ecuador.

You will have your choice of housing options. There are hostels including private bathrooms. This type of housing ranges from $12.00-$14.00 per night. Another type of housing is renting a room ( most have private bath rooms) in a house where you would have access to a shared kitchen for cooking.

Sample Daily Schedule:


  • 2/hrs of Spanish/Cultural (no classes during travel time in Ecuador)
  • 4-6 hours for Ministry Service
  • Cultural family Time
    • Personal Time with Lee, Lauren and Our Leaders
    • Time to Meet with Families, Share Meals and Sight Seeing

    Pricing: $960.00 (for 30 days)

    Inclusive of:

    • Housing, Food, Water (daily)
    • 1 Missionary Journey per Month to the Amazon Jungle Area
    • Family, Cultural time, with Pastors and or Families in the Church
    • Personal Time to Grow You Spiritually and in Your Ministry


    • Language classes: $10.00 per/hr
    • Laundry
    • Phone (local and long distance)
    • Eating in Restaurants
    • Social Events
    • Any Other Expenses Not Listed Above


    We can work with your schedule and any of your special requests. You will be given every ministry opportunity that you are ready for. We await your internship experience with you!